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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winter freeze and thaw

Brrrrrr, this cold snap is hanging around too long! I arrived at the quilting room last night only to find the doors wide open and fellow quilters huddling outside!  Apparently the heater had expired amidst a cloud of gas! Very smelly affair! We decided it wasn't a good idea to sit in the cold and sew, whilst getting a headache from the gas smell, so we headed off to my place, where we could sit and sew in warmer surroundings!
We welcomed a new member, Alex, and Rosie also joined in, together with Sue and Lorraine. Tania, who didn't feel well enough to come, had given us her latest newletter, which contained some really interesting bits and pieces - always good reading!
Show and tell was a short affair - Lorraine was working on a needleturn block and showed us what she had done so far - stunning blocks!
I for one was happy with a new pattern I had machine-sewn in the morning. It's a placemat, with three more and a table topper to come.
Lets hope the heater is fixed again next week!

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  1. We have some very clever people in the group - both the blocks are stunning!!