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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wednesday Group

 Haven't blogged for a while, so it's time to update everybody with what the group's been up to. Some of us went to the AQC at the Royal Exhibition building, which was a lot of fun. There were some magnificent quilts to see, and I for one was happy to see a lot of art quilts this time. The Australian quilters are so far ahead of everybody else - IMHO - in art quilt making, it's great to see so much talent!
A lot of talent here in our little group too : The first photo shows Jenny, Sue's friend who is visiting from New Zealand. She's holding up a little quilt signed by all her friends from the Wednesday group, with beautiful Australian Aboriginal patterns.

This little beauty is a felted bag made by Sue. I believe she knitted  it and then felted it. The bag is quite solid enough to hold a few books. Love the felted flower, too.
 Marg is still working on this very pretty block with the blue birds (of happiness??). It's so dainty and the colours are just superb.
 Jenny is knitting a rug in gorgeous pinks, burgundy and black, and also crochets flowers onto it. Would love to see a photo of it when it's done.
 Sue has been quilting this adorable panel with three fishy windsocks.
 Tracee showing off a third of her new quilt, all pieced and appliqueed. It'll be spectacular when it's done, a great country pattern.
And here's Pauline with her amazing strip quilt. She was going to do our 1600 quilt with her strips, but fate intervened with a badly broken foot, and she eventually used the strips to finish this magnificent quilt.
Yours truly hasn't had much time to quilt, but managed to do a small Ricky Timms convergence quilt recently. Photo to follow when it's quilted.
Some of the group members are also doing a small quilt challenge, so watch this space!