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Thursday, October 22, 2015

We ate, drank, and were merry. Very merry.

We do know how to have fun! Last Wednesday, we met at the Vic Tavern for a bite to eat. Marg, Tracee, Pauline, Tania, Chloe and visitors Sue and Jenny came along too. Somebody took more photos, so I hope they add them here sometime.
Fortified by yummy dinner, we decided to move on to Donna's place, and picked up Helen on the way, who had completely forgotten about dinner.
But, as you can see, she finished her wonderful "1600" Quilt, and isn't it beautiful? Helen appliqued all the birds and butterflies and more besides, and had it professionally quilted.

Kerry did a great job with the quilting too, adding whimsical animals to the design. A truly lovely quilt, Helen!

Sue was finishing off a knitted rug, crocheting the edge, and made it with a few feet of wool to spare. Didn't it turn out well?!

Jenny was sewing together a KoGo afghan (she's a whizz at these), and should be finished by the time she heads home to NZ (sob....). We did our very best to convince her to move to Oz.

Marg was stitching a Christmas panel  (eeek, Christmas is only two months away!), Tania and I read magazines, and made coffee and tea.

Had a lovely evening. I find it's always nice to have a sewing evening in one's house, so much more cosy.

We had the best time over dinner at the pub...

Pauline and Donna...

Chloe, me Tracee and Marg..


Marg, me, Pauline

Jenny, me Tania...

Donna showed us her ripple blanket....isn't it beautiful??

we had our sit and sew at Donna's house...

Jenny with her finished blanket....