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Thursday, September 14, 2017

We're baaaack!

 Well, it's been a while! a whole year has passed, but we're still quilting, stitching, knitting....
These days, we're meeting once or twice a month, at Donna's "Owlery". Some new folks have joined us, bringing new ideas to the group.
Last night, Helen, Marina, Marg and her sister Jenny, and Donna got together, and we finally remembered to take a few photos for the blog!
First up, here's an amazing stashbuster quilt from Marina, all made from teensy one-inch squares. Looks awesome!
Jenny was working on a knitted blanket for KoGo, a kind of patchwork which will keep somebody nice and cosy. Jenny had come over from W.A. for a visit, it was lovely to catch up with her.  
Helen was knitting a cute little sweater for one of the grandchildren. Helen also showed us her current quilting project, but it is not yet ready for show and tell. It's going to the amazing - watch this space! Marg was stitching her floral blocks (one of 100+), another great stashbusting project. Marina was binding her quilt, and I was sorting out old magazines and cutting out the pieces for another block of my Kim McLean "Flowerpot" quilt.