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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Witchy stitching....

The Gisborne witches and associated familiars gathered for a fun night celebrating Halloween!
People brought fun food and dressed up accordingly.

Jenny was the Chief Witch, presiding with a snazzy cape and a flashing - and sometimes collapsing - wand.
 Tracy really got into the spirit of things, with fetching green, snake infested headwear, limegreen makeup, bone bling, and stripey stockings.
It was suggested she would be a sensation at the Melbourne Cup in this getup, but somehow that failed to make an impression on her....oh well.
The food, as always, was plentiful, with Halloween marchmallow sticks, home made sausage rolls, lollies, noodle & chocolate 'spiders' and so on.
 The rest of the 'witches' were quite fashionable, with Jenny in a very scary mask. and Jenny (Marg's sister) sporting a skeleton cape, sure to appeal to the town's ghosties and ghoulies.

Marina successfully colour-coordinated her gear, presenting as the purple witch with a rather prominent proboscis. The hat was very swish!

Below are the noodle-spiders, tasted lovely, the legs were nice and crunchy.

 More witchy things happenning here. Tania stayed for a while, Helen was working on a pillow cover, and Donna's friend Maria was dolled up in a Halloween 'bib' (cape) and crocheting a beanie.
Maria feeling scary, and yours truly trying to look spooky (or spooked?!).

A fun time was had by all and it was great to see everybody getting into the spirit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knitters and stitchers' night

 The cold weather seems to have kept a few of us away this week, but the rest of us had some fun knitting colourful things and working on our stitcheries.

Annette is making a very pretty and colourful blanket. We were all going "WOW!" when we saw the purple wool, it looks amazing.

I totally confused everybody when I showed them the European way of knitting, with the thread over the left hand.

Jenny, our friendly visitor from NZ, was working on a blanket in gorgeous turquoise colours. She was sewing the hexies together and is showing off Sue's owl mug and a new mug rug made by a friend. Halloween is coming!!
 Marina first worked some more on her quilt binding and then switched to a little Christmas stitchery.

 And I was stitching the "Scandinavian Rose", as usual. I'll be glad when this panel is finished, it's taken forever! Only ten to go...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quilting by the Red Moon!

Yesterday had a lunar eclipse, best seen from Australia. So we wandered in and out of the place to see what was happening. The moon was very bright, and the eclipse took a while to complete. My camera is a little too small to get decent shots, but this shows how the moon turned red and  - and it wobbled, lol!

We went outside while Carol was holding the fort, and 'oooh'-ed and 'ahhh'-ed  at the spectacle. After all, it won't come around for another 15 years or so!

Marg even burst into a spontaneous moon dance (Michael Jackson, eat your heart out!), but couldn't be persuaded to repeat it for the camera.

We howled a bit and then left the moon to its own devices, going back to our sewing.
 And how nice to have Jenny here from NZ to watch the event with us!