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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Last night was the last gathering of the Gisborne Quilting and Friendship group for 2014..... we had dinner together at the local Vic Tavern and had a mystery gift, a decoration for the tree......
Helen and Marina ready to eat!

Pauline and Tania..

Marg and yours truly..my dinner was lemon pepper calamari...YUM!!!

Tracee and Carol.....
 meal over we began our gift swap....

this is the decoration Tracee made...the base is a light globe...how clever is she???

Pauline made this Christmas tree....we have requested a Christmas in July workshop for this one!!

Marina made these beautiful stars...fabric star with paper star inside and button centre.....isn't that lovely??

Helen made these wonderful snowflake decorations....

Marina's gift from Tania....Tania has just returned from a weeks holiday at Lakes Entrance and looks very well and happy!!

Marg made this beautiful Christmas fairy...(sorry it is a bit blurry)....isn't she clever???

Here is a closer look at the snowman Tracee made.....so cute!!

and this is the gift Helen got ...from Carol...Carol has been recovering at home from a hip replacement so it was really nice to see her last night. Sadly Donna could not be with us as she was away on holiday in Penang.! We had a great night, lovely meal...it was wonderful to all get together before Christmas really is upon us!!
Happy Christmas everyone!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Busy stitching

 Several of us got together Wendesday night and we all got busy stitching! Mostly for Christmas, but also some other projects.

Here's Marina hiding, showing us  her Christmas Stitchery. She was having a bit of a friendly competition with Tracee, to see who would finish first. I'd say Marina won - this time.

Susan was back from Adelaide and was also finishing a redwork Christmas stitchery.Nearly done, and somebody will be a very lucky recipient.
 Helen was working on colourful patches for a cushion, if I remember correctly.She finished another one the previous time, which turned out really well and looks like fun.
 Marg was also busy with the needle, just starting on the lovely lady in her sampler.

And Tracee was putting together a wee elf, tiptoe-ing through the tulips? Tracee is using a new range of thread which changes colour every so often, and it really makes the stitching come alive. This will be a merry little elf.

Donna continued to work on her Scandinavian Rose and showed off the last project she had completed, the 'Steampunk Alice' quilt. Some heavy embellishment in that, but it was fun, and inspired by Tim Holtz fabrics.

All in all, a busy night's stitching, in cheerful company as usual.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Witchy stitching....

The Gisborne witches and associated familiars gathered for a fun night celebrating Halloween!
People brought fun food and dressed up accordingly.

Jenny was the Chief Witch, presiding with a snazzy cape and a flashing - and sometimes collapsing - wand.
 Tracy really got into the spirit of things, with fetching green, snake infested headwear, limegreen makeup, bone bling, and stripey stockings.
It was suggested she would be a sensation at the Melbourne Cup in this getup, but somehow that failed to make an impression on her....oh well.
The food, as always, was plentiful, with Halloween marchmallow sticks, home made sausage rolls, lollies, noodle & chocolate 'spiders' and so on.
 The rest of the 'witches' were quite fashionable, with Jenny in a very scary mask. and Jenny (Marg's sister) sporting a skeleton cape, sure to appeal to the town's ghosties and ghoulies.

Marina successfully colour-coordinated her gear, presenting as the purple witch with a rather prominent proboscis. The hat was very swish!

Below are the noodle-spiders, tasted lovely, the legs were nice and crunchy.

 More witchy things happenning here. Tania stayed for a while, Helen was working on a pillow cover, and Donna's friend Maria was dolled up in a Halloween 'bib' (cape) and crocheting a beanie.
Maria feeling scary, and yours truly trying to look spooky (or spooked?!).

A fun time was had by all and it was great to see everybody getting into the spirit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knitters and stitchers' night

 The cold weather seems to have kept a few of us away this week, but the rest of us had some fun knitting colourful things and working on our stitcheries.

Annette is making a very pretty and colourful blanket. We were all going "WOW!" when we saw the purple wool, it looks amazing.

I totally confused everybody when I showed them the European way of knitting, with the thread over the left hand.

Jenny, our friendly visitor from NZ, was working on a blanket in gorgeous turquoise colours. She was sewing the hexies together and is showing off Sue's owl mug and a new mug rug made by a friend. Halloween is coming!!
 Marina first worked some more on her quilt binding and then switched to a little Christmas stitchery.

 And I was stitching the "Scandinavian Rose", as usual. I'll be glad when this panel is finished, it's taken forever! Only ten to go...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quilting by the Red Moon!

Yesterday had a lunar eclipse, best seen from Australia. So we wandered in and out of the place to see what was happening. The moon was very bright, and the eclipse took a while to complete. My camera is a little too small to get decent shots, but this shows how the moon turned red and  - and it wobbled, lol!

We went outside while Carol was holding the fort, and 'oooh'-ed and 'ahhh'-ed  at the spectacle. After all, it won't come around for another 15 years or so!

Marg even burst into a spontaneous moon dance (Michael Jackson, eat your heart out!), but couldn't be persuaded to repeat it for the camera.

We howled a bit and then left the moon to its own devices, going back to our sewing.
 And how nice to have Jenny here from NZ to watch the event with us!

Monday, September 1, 2014


 A power outage in Gisborne last Wednesday meant that the gym closed early, and we could not access the key for our regular meeting room. Marg kindly invited everybody back to her place for sewing. The doggies were very excited to have so many admirers, and we had a fun evening stitching away.

Annette showed us the gorgeous little cardigan she had knitted. Helen was working on more potholders, Annette had started another knitted project, I was beavering away on my stitchery, and more interesting goings-on were happening at the far end of the table.
Once again, a fun night with the Gisborne Quilters.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cool stuff..

 Another Wednesday night with these creative ladies, and they had some amazing show & tell!

Some of the ladies had been to a workshop with Barb Smith and her whimsical button creations. These are Tracee's pretty frame and gift box. Looks like lots of fun.

 Annette was still stitching little Christmas gift tags, aren't they lovely! How pretty would a Christmas gift look with one of these attached!

Finally, Marina showed us her latest creation, a very beautiful quilt with delicate floral fabrics in light to dark shading. Marina also did the quilting and it looks very professional!

Another inspiring night with clever & creative friends!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Grand Day Out

Last Saturday nine of us loaded into a mini bus and off we went to a stitching retreat at Monbulk, it was organised by Lisa of Fig'N'Berry, also there was Marg Low.
Here are the kids in the back seats....

our wonderful driver.....Anette....

...we managed to surprise Shez we knew she was going, but she didn't know we were going!! Tee Hee!!! Looks like some serious conversation between Shez and Tania....

finding our places...goodie bags on the table....

some of the beautiful Fig'N'Berry quilts and table runners on display.....

Anette working away.....

Helen working on her stitchery.....

Marina busy...I should have moved her water bottle....

Shez and I playing Father Christmas.......

Tanis and I did the same....lovely Marg Low quilts on the wall behind us.....

some lovely Christmas decorations....Marg Low designs.....

..trying to get a photo of Tracee eating.....she wouldn't cooperate for some reason!!!

Karen from Mrs Martins Quilt Shop was there and was very entertaining - love her head gear!!

Anette finished her stitchery.....

working, working....and chatting!!

busy ladies, Helen and Anette....

we also caught up with Helen - she is such a lovely lady...

Tracee has finished her decoration...and is swinging it so I cannot get a clear photo...she is a cheeky bugger!!!!

see what I mean!!

Anette finished her decoration....

here we all are the happy Gisborne Quilting group, Marg and Helen in the front, Pauline, Jackie, me. Marina, Tania, Anette and Tracee.

Some of the Fig'N'Berry Christmas quilts...

and some more.
We had the best day, were well driven - thankyou Anette, had lots of laughter and chat and caught up with good friends and got some stitching done! And there was so much food, we had to take doggie bags home!! Thank you ladies for a fantastic day!