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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Owls galore!

Well, Sue has been well and truly bitten by the owl 'bug'! She brought in these little beauties last night - aren't they just adorable?! Sue felted them - literally putting blood, sweat and tears into the little critters!

Donna was very privileged to take some of them home and introduce them to her ever-growing 'family' of owls. They seem quite happy together! Thank you, Sue!

More afternoon tea things

Last night, Andrea brought her afternoon tea challenge in, as well as a rather yummy sponge cake with strawberries. Thank you, Andrea! Also, Helen showed us her challenge placemats, which she's still quilting.

Andrea's "Strawberries & cream" table topper, beautifully stitched and surrounded by luscious oriental fabrics.

Helen's placemat in rich coffee colours look just gorgeous, and we look forward to seeing them quilted.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend away

Sally sewed lots of pieces together and now has this beautiful piece to add on to one she has already done. Very clever!!
I managed to put together a Kiwi roll to make a french braid quilt - well a version of .. work in progress!

Helen put her knitted squares together in the rug as well as doing her cross stitch and crochet on the edging of her footie rug...

Tania did her crochet flowers in large numbers and put the leaf on her flower design... beautiful work

Marg with her completed Christmas wall hanging, it just needs the hanger now. It looks absolutely wonderful.

And Annette made 12 squares by Saturday night and I hope 4 on Sunday morning - will have to check that - she is well on the way to having all the squares done - they look fantastic - well done Annette!!

Weekend away

This pelican looked down on us from the light pole - not the best to have to walk underneath - the pelican not the light pole I mean!! It posed beautifully when asked!!

Weekend away

We had a Sunday morning walk to the boat launching ramp.....

was such a beautiful morning.

Weekend away

Sunday morning - no early rising call from Annette - everyone was busy - I sat out in the sun for a while, such a pleasure after the rain we had.

Weekend away

Dinner at the St Leonard's pub .. chicken, fish, steak...yum!!

Weekend away

Working away...

Weekend away

The afternoon found Marg on her hands and knees.....
creating this wonderful Christmas wall hanging.

Here is the front and.... the back.
Beautiful Marg.

Weekend away

I forgot to show you Marg when we were in Lincraft!! She found this wonderful fabric - we thought dress......??

Weekend away

Clock photo to show morning tea was late!!! Come on Clarkey!!!

After morning tea we decided to have a walk on the beach - the weather had cleared a little by then.

Don't you love these photos when you set up the camera and then have to wait for the photo to be taken - no one knows exactly when it is going to happen!!

Weekend away.

We drove to St Leonards on Friday evening - in the rain, via Geelong for a look in Lincraft and a refresher at Gloria Jeans. We unpacked in the rain, got the heater going and settled in. We set up and got to work after dinner. Saturday morning saw us up and at it - a wake up call from Annette had everyone awake! It was almost like being back at a school camp "Come on people rise and shine!" Work got under way and all were busy - Annette decreed morning tea was at 11am, but we were a little late ........

Afternoon tea in the evening

Busy working before our afternoon tea in the evening! Marg, Helen, Sue, Annette, Margo and in behind Margo there are Donna and Tania.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kaleidoscope quilt

Peek-a-boo! Who's hiding behind her magnificent kaleidoscope quilt?? You can run but you can't hide, Marg!! What a fantastic job on this quilt made from delicious Floragraphix fabrics! And beautifully quilted too, I might add. Well done indeed!

More "Tea Time" challenge

Our latest challenge was "Tea Time", and it's great to see how everybody rose to the occasion! And an occasion it certainly was! The ladies outdid themselves with a 'proper' tea, complete with dainty china and yummy food, both savoury and sweet. And everybody contributed to the challenge in a unique way, sewing and stitching.
This is Annette's stitchery "Come and share a pot of tea. My home is warm and my friendship free". Isn't the bear cute?!

Annette presiding over her array of beautiful antique cups and saucers.

Marg showing her lovely stitchery; it reads
"Come sit at my table,
with a cup of tea,
and home made biscuits
so happy we shall be."

Here's Annette's challenge contribution, a sweet teacup table topper, perfect with her pretty cups.

Sue made a table cloth with lots of cups and tea pots, with swirls of embroidered 'steam'. Sue did a great job with the applique.

Finally, Donna's contribution. The panels were given to Donna by her quilter friend, Christine, and were perfect for this challenge!

There will be more photos added next week, when we look forward to Sally and Andrea's challenges.
Also, see Lorraine's adorable coffee pot warmer in the previous post!

Afternoon Tea Challenge

I hope I'm not too late to contribute my afternoon tea challenge item!!

It's not quite afternoon tea... but more of a brunch item, and this is only because the fabric reads "If we were meant to pop out of bed, we'd all sleep in toasters" I am going to give this plunger cosy to my sister for Christmas (I'm not usually organised this early). She is addicted to coffee and she will appreciate the kitsch nature of the cosy as well as the colours (not to mention the pom-poms).
I just love being a part of Gisborne Quilters, and I can't wait to attend more often.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quilted postcards

Annette's butterflies look wonderful and Tania's Paris postcard makes me want to go there!! The fishy card is another of Annette's under construction. I really enjoyed this challenge and I think most of us learned something new.
The orang utan postcard I made was also felted with the wool used around the edges.

quilted postcards

Some of the postcards made for our challenge earlier in the year.

Donna's beautiful Canadian feel card - the windows open to show you a moose. Very clever!

Annette created the fairy card with lovely hand quilting.

Marg took us to China with her wonderful card and Margo had us off to Africa with her zebra.

Cushion cover

Tania's finished cushion cover - wonderful work Tania - we have yet to coax Tania out from behind her work to get a photo of her! I think there might be another cover in production - is that correct Tania?

Photo quilt

This is a quilt I made for my Dad - kind of a potted history of his life in pictures. The photos were printed on fabric and then made in to hexagons. Was really happy with this one.

Catch up

Thanks to Donna we have sorted out the problems and here we go catching up on past achievements!

This is Sally's beautiful quilt top - it all came together on a scrap booking + quilters weekend at Phillip Island in March this year.