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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Puppy Love

Sheesh, it's been a while! Winter has come and gone - well, not quite gone apparently, the temperatures are still quite chilling. Things have been slow at the Gisborne Quilters, it seems people prefer to stay warm at home rather than venturing out into the dark and cold - understandable, I'm sure. But a few hardy souls keep the group going through winter and still manage to have some fun.

Yesterday, we got very little done in the way of quilting, stitching or crocheting. Instead, we played with puppies!
Tracee has two little additions to her family, Justice and Artemis, two baby Belgian Shepherds (Tervuren). Unlike Isis, Tracee's Groenendal, who went across the Rainbow Bridge not long ago, these two babies have lighter fur. They're quite fuzzy, so it will be fun to see how they will turn out in the future.

They sure got a lot of cuddles from us. The two little 'dogonalities' are already evident; the boy, Justice, is a
 chunky little fellow and has big paws to grow into. He's a bit of a Mummy's dog, smooching up to Tracee. He knows who's the leader of the pack!
Artemis is a sweet little miss, quite calm and content to sit on a stranger's lap and be cuddled. She's fine boned and has beautiful ears.
Would have loved to dognap these two but Pretzel would not have been happy. Don't think Tracee would let them go either...

We do look forward to seeing these two grow up and hope they'll visit occasionally.

So folks, winter's over, so come back and sew with us!