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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to applique

I fused all the applique onto the quilt top - now I only need to sew them on!!
I will still be working on this next Wednesday!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crafting weekend

Oops!!! When we arrived at St Leonards we noticed the front passenger tyre on Annette's car was a little flat, it went down as we watched it. Saturday Annette called the RACV, the tyre was changed and spare put on - but it is a temp tyre and Annette was advised to get it fixed before driving back to Woodend. So we had an outing n Saturday morning to Drysdale.Tyre power here we come ..The tyre was examined and taken off to be fixed. We wandered off down the street to have a cuppa and see what we could see. We found an art exhibition, then had a cuppa, then looked in the community craft shop and then back to the tyre place - Annette then realised that she had the car keys in her bag!!!!! But not to worry, the tyre was fixed and put on the car in 5 mins and we returned to our sewing.

Crafting weekend

Busy, busy,busy!!! Annette finishes the fronts of her Xmas table mats! Such a productive day for her! Tania is working on her Xmas table runner and Marg was starting off on a french braid quilt.

Crafting weekend

Annette finished the binding on her Xmas table runner - she did a wonderful job with it!

Crafting weekend

Yippee!! I finished a panel for the Kiwi quilt but Tania finished the top of her Xmas table runner - didn't she do a wonderful job?

Crafting weekend

Fabric and near completed items began to appear in unusual places as the day went on!! Annette began work on a raggy seams baby quilt.

Crafting weekend

Annette FINISHED her baby raggy seams quilt!!!!! Just needs a wash and time in the dryer to fluff up. Well done Annette.
I managed to get the Kiwi quilt well on the way - just needs a black border now and then off to be quilted.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Having adventures....

Well dear Gisborne Quilters, I'll be off hunting bears (or vice versa) for a while. I'll catch up with you and tell you about my bear adventures - and others - in October. And maybe a show and tell from my quilt shop adventures, too! Hope to see lots of new and exciting projects once I'm back!