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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crafting weekend

Oops!!! When we arrived at St Leonards we noticed the front passenger tyre on Annette's car was a little flat, it went down as we watched it. Saturday Annette called the RACV, the tyre was changed and spare put on - but it is a temp tyre and Annette was advised to get it fixed before driving back to Woodend. So we had an outing n Saturday morning to Drysdale.Tyre power here we come ..The tyre was examined and taken off to be fixed. We wandered off down the street to have a cuppa and see what we could see. We found an art exhibition, then had a cuppa, then looked in the community craft shop and then back to the tyre place - Annette then realised that she had the car keys in her bag!!!!! But not to worry, the tyre was fixed and put on the car in 5 mins and we returned to our sewing.


  1. looks like you had a wonderful and productive weekend!

    Hopefully I'll make it next time!

  2. Hope the arm is getting better Alex.