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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back to sewing!

 Our first Wednesday back in the new year, and everybody was happy to catch up and chat and stitch.
Tania's friend Gabbie came along. She is in the process of making a yoyo quilt, and showed how to use one of those newfangled yoyo-makers! Very cool!
Tania was making more hexies from that beautiful French General fabric. It'll look spectacular when it's finished.
There we all are; I am finishing the top of my Native American quilt, you can see the red and yellow pieces I was blanket stitching.

 Annette was continuing to work or her green hexies quilt. Those greens look so good!
Helen had a couple of show-and-tells: She had finished her little autumnal quilt and was putting on the binding. Love those maple leaves!
 Helen also brought in her 1600 quilt that she finished a while ago in a class. Helen added lots of animals and leaves to it and will applique them on. Looks just fabulous!
 Here's Helens quilt in more detail.
 Sue was working on her crazy quilt. It's really coming together with a variety of trims and stitches. Even a little owl stitched on one of the panels!

Sue also showed us her lovely bag, so clever! It's just the coolest thing!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hot day cool sit and sew

Last night, before the storm came some of us went to Donna's house for a sit and sew! It was so nice to be in air conditioning!!! My house is so hot, this was wonderful!! I tried to get some photos, Tracee proved to be elusive....and she has a lovely new haircut that needed to be shown off, but no I had no luck! Donna made me an amazing drink.....sorry Donna I have forgotten the name again!! Maybe you can add it in here..??  Sure, it's called an 'Aperol Spritz'. It consists of one part Aperol (a light orange aperitif, similar to Campari), two parts Prosecco, topped up with soda water, ice cubes, and a curl of orange peel. It's a perfect drink for hot weather and so refreshing.

Tracee, Me, Tania, Marg and Donna

visitors to the back yard (I've decided to call them Phryne and Dot, after the 'Miss Fisher Mysteries')

I have discovered a new place on the camera so you can take two photos and combine them as one, but I was too slow to get Tracee.....she moves quickly.....but you can kind of see her lovely haircut! 

Tania and Donna being brave and deciding which magazines she will keep and which go to the op shop!

I was too slow again...Tracee hiding and Marg smiling her beautiful smile!
We had a lovely evening, lots of chatting and catching up, eating and drinking too of course..you have to keep up your fluids on a hot evening!! Thank you Donna for hosting us. I forgot to get photos of what people were working on!! Next time!!