Our library

Our library

Our library

I've started an inventory of our books and patterns etc. I have at least one of our books on loan, and some of you ladies might have books or patterns out, too. If so, could you please let me know what you have, then I can update the list. I've put it into a book, which we can use as a loans book, and it will be housed with the books in the box. Two patterns in particular are missing, Rosalie Quinlan's "Love Is" Blocks Five and Eight. I've also got a list (and loans book) for our Accuquilt GO and dies.


P1.    Chubby Birds (Creative Cards

P2.    The Joy of Life Block 5

P3.    No measure Bargello

P4.    13 Christmas Stitchings

P5.    'Rudy' (Molly design)

P6.    Shell Shelters ( Turtles)

P7.    'Love Is' Block 1 - Home

P8.    'Love Is' Block 2 - Angels

P9.    'Love Is'  Block 3 - Made by Hand

P10.  'Love Is'  Block 4 - Nature

P11.  'Love Is'  Block 5 -

P12.   'Love Is' Block 6 - Flowers

P13.  'Love Is'  Block 7 - Tea for Two

P14.  'Love Is'  Block 8 -

P15.  'Love Is'  Block 9 - Neighbour

P16.  'Love Is'  Block 10 - Borders

P17.  Heart & Home  1 of 6 'My Heart's Delight

P18.  Heart & Home 2 of 6 'X My Quilt Shop'

P19.  Heart & Home 3 of 6 'My Sweet Heart'

P20.  Heart & Home 4 of 6 'The Purr-fect Heart'

P21.  Heart & Home 5 of 6 'Pieced Hearts House and Appliqué'

P22. Heart & Home 6 of 6 'Assembling the Quilt'

P23. Heart & Home Accessory Fabric Packet

P24.  Home for Christmas

P25. The Night Before Christmas

P26.  More Night Before

P27. Waiting for Santa

P28. Catch the Spirit

P29. Heart Patch

P30.  All things Christmas.


1.  Fast fat Quarter Quilts

2.  Fat Quarter Quickies   by  Kathy Brocon

3.  Bags: the modern classics     by Sue Kim

4.  Inchies

5.  Tilda's Studio     by Tone Finnanger

6.  Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide

7.  Strip Lovers   by Suzanne McNeill

8.  Cotton Country Quilt   by Bronwyn Hayes

9.  Jelly Roll Quilts   by Pam & Nicky Lintott

10. Stitched Postcards

11. The Tilda Characters Collection    by Tone Finnanger

12. Quilting Essentials

13. Tilda's Seaside Ideas    by Tone Finnanager

14. Fa la la la Felts    by Amanda Carestio

15. Quilting in no time    by Emma Hardy

16. Raggedy Reverse Appliqué  by Kim Deneault

17. Little Felted Animals   bu Marie-Noelle Horvath

18. Scandinavian Needlecraft     by Clare Youngs

19. Tilda's Christmas    by Tone Finnanger

20. Crafting Tilda's Friends   by Tone Finnanger.


  1. The Accuquilt Go is currently gathering dust at my place Donna!

  2. I know, Marg! It's there to inspire you!

  3. Guilty of having block 5 Donna...now back where it should be!!

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