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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wednesday craftiness

We had some lovely show-and-tells last Wednesday night. Marg especially had done a lot of work, and showed us her beautiful sunflower bag. It was just so perfectly done, surely the stern judges at the CWA will find no fault with it!

Marg also made some really nice pot holders which will come in handy for whoever they are meant for.


 Now don't you just love that OWL!!! It's a pillowcase, quite professionally finished with a zipper! And Marg's piece de resistance, a handmade doll. 'Misty' is a lovely lady dressed in lace and velvet (something of the 70s there, Marg?), with her own 'diamond' necklace and a bunch of flowers. Love the hat and jacket, well done, you!

Finally, here's Sue's 'Bollywood' crazy patch block. The photo is a bit blurry and doesn't do it justice. It was just fantastic; all that was missing was a bit of Bollywood music! Can't wait to see that quilt finished!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wednesday again

Wednesday night was well attended, and a good night showcasing the talents of this lovely group.
Here's Sue, with her adorable sheep, one of the Tilda designs. I can just see a small child making this her favourite toy!

 Annette brought along her lovely sampler quilt, a huge project with 30 beautiful blocks! How good would this look on a bed?!
 How cute is this elf? Tracee has outdone herself with this little fellow. Aren't the colours beautiful?
 Here's a closer look at the little elf.
Tracee also made this tea cup holder, complete with a little pocket for a tea bag. Sweet! Must make myself a cup holder, I think I'm the only one who hasn't.
 Well, yes, if you're around Tracee long enough, some creativity will be transferred, I'm sure! I wouldn't mind getting your bug, Tracee.
Now, how cute is this?! Carol's daughter made another in a series of mug rugs, this one for Easter. And Carol brought bunny tails for nibbles, how nice! I now have these visions of tail-less bunnies hopping around Gisborne....

Carol was working on this gorgeous stitchery - all by hand, mind. I couldn't work out how she made those raspberries, but that was the mystery stitchery she was working on last week. Aha!

Once more, a lovely night with these fun and talented ladies.