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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wednesday craftiness

We had some lovely show-and-tells last Wednesday night. Marg especially had done a lot of work, and showed us her beautiful sunflower bag. It was just so perfectly done, surely the stern judges at the CWA will find no fault with it!

Marg also made some really nice pot holders which will come in handy for whoever they are meant for.


 Now don't you just love that OWL!!! It's a pillowcase, quite professionally finished with a zipper! And Marg's piece de resistance, a handmade doll. 'Misty' is a lovely lady dressed in lace and velvet (something of the 70s there, Marg?), with her own 'diamond' necklace and a bunch of flowers. Love the hat and jacket, well done, you!

Finally, here's Sue's 'Bollywood' crazy patch block. The photo is a bit blurry and doesn't do it justice. It was just fantastic; all that was missing was a bit of Bollywood music! Can't wait to see that quilt finished!


  1. Marg has done some beautiful work for the CWA craft show next weekend!

  2. Oh such beautiful work ,well done ladies.xx

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