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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wednesday again

Wednesday night was well attended, and a good night showcasing the talents of this lovely group.
Here's Sue, with her adorable sheep, one of the Tilda designs. I can just see a small child making this her favourite toy!

 Annette brought along her lovely sampler quilt, a huge project with 30 beautiful blocks! How good would this look on a bed?!
 How cute is this elf? Tracee has outdone herself with this little fellow. Aren't the colours beautiful?
 Here's a closer look at the little elf.
Tracee also made this tea cup holder, complete with a little pocket for a tea bag. Sweet! Must make myself a cup holder, I think I'm the only one who hasn't.
 Well, yes, if you're around Tracee long enough, some creativity will be transferred, I'm sure! I wouldn't mind getting your bug, Tracee.
Now, how cute is this?! Carol's daughter made another in a series of mug rugs, this one for Easter. And Carol brought bunny tails for nibbles, how nice! I now have these visions of tail-less bunnies hopping around Gisborne....

Carol was working on this gorgeous stitchery - all by hand, mind. I couldn't work out how she made those raspberries, but that was the mystery stitchery she was working on last week. Aha!

Once more, a lovely night with these fun and talented ladies.


  1. oh such gorgeous work you are a clever bunch.xx

  2. Doesn't Carol's work look amazing!! I keep hoping Tracee's creativity will rub off on me too!!