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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Alex's husband, apparently unaware of the subtle difference between stitching, quilting, sewing (for fun) and making alterations, asked her to sew a button onto his pants. Loving wife that she is, complies, and adds a little extra - a pretty little stitched heart right on his butt! We thought his butt would get quite a bit of attention soon!

Christmas in July

Merry Midyear Christmas! We certainly outdid ourselves here, with the quilting and festive fare and decorations! Tania provided a beautiful festive table, and a trifle that was way too more-ish!! Thanks also to Santa Sue and Santa Tania for the lovely presents (scrumptious Christmas fabric fat 1/4s), and everybody for the yummy food.

The "Christmas UFOs" were finished - well almost, in my case! - and here are some of the pretty results. Marg's Xmas bear is dancing , all tangled up in his tree lights. Too cute! Then Sue finished a sweet wall hanging with her whimsical reindeer - love the expression on their faces! Margo finished her owl garland - turned out beautifully, Margo! and a few stitched tree ornaments from Sue. Some classy placemats from ?Helen (Sorry, not quite sure here!). 
And those owls! Just adorable, Sue!! 

The owls were front and centre again today - pushy little things! Rosie and Sue had been to an owl class at the Quilt show, and came home with Hamish1 and Hamish2. Very sweet, lucky Japanese owls. And Donna added "Hedwig", a snowy owl, to Sue's 'family'. Rosie also finished three Christmas owls, just gorgeous! There must be a lot of luck around, with all those owls!
 Merry Christmas, ladies!

Friday, July 23, 2010


We braved the unrelenting cold weather and eight of us gathered for our weekly sit & sew on Wednesday. Best wishes to Alex who wasn't feeling well but will hopefully feel well enough to join us next week!
After exchanging - yes! more owl patterns HOOHOO! - Helen completed one of her lovely "Coffee" themed placemats! They turned out great, lovely work, Helen !
Sue was working on a Christmas stitchery, Tania was crocheting (a scarf?), Helen continued with her knitted rug in Essendon colours (Go the Bombers - they do need a bit of support, methinks!), Lorraine and Rosie worked on a dainty stitchery, Andrea on her flower applique, and I was - yes, you guessed it - making never ending stars!
It's "Christmas in July" next week, so bring along something christmassy to quilt or stitch if you like, and maybe something a little festive to put us in the mood! Wouldn't want to miss this! HO HO HO.....

Monday, July 19, 2010

The owls have landed!!

The owls are finished - well the sewing part now just have to find a piece of dowel and hang it on the wall! I am chuffed - so good to get something finished!! One little owl is still sleepy, not quite woken up yet! Thanks for the idea Donna! Actually this wee owl looks a little grumpy to be disturbed!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sisters Quilt Show 2010

Some of my Facebook friends met last weekend to see the Sisters Quilt Show 2010. Sisters is a town in Oregon, and a must-see destination for quilters when the show's on. Quilts are hung outside the shops and town buildings, and are quite spectacular! I thought I'd share some of them with you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Boy, what a nightmare

I had the most trouble reading the sqiggly thing, my and Graemes interpretations didnt match their interpreations!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winter freeze and thaw

Brrrrrr, this cold snap is hanging around too long! I arrived at the quilting room last night only to find the doors wide open and fellow quilters huddling outside!  Apparently the heater had expired amidst a cloud of gas! Very smelly affair! We decided it wasn't a good idea to sit in the cold and sew, whilst getting a headache from the gas smell, so we headed off to my place, where we could sit and sew in warmer surroundings!
We welcomed a new member, Alex, and Rosie also joined in, together with Sue and Lorraine. Tania, who didn't feel well enough to come, had given us her latest newletter, which contained some really interesting bits and pieces - always good reading!
Show and tell was a short affair - Lorraine was working on a needleturn block and showed us what she had done so far - stunning blocks!
I for one was happy with a new pattern I had machine-sewn in the morning. It's a placemat, with three more and a table topper to come.
Lets hope the heater is fixed again next week!