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Monday, July 19, 2010

The owls have landed!!

The owls are finished - well the sewing part now just have to find a piece of dowel and hang it on the wall! I am chuffed - so good to get something finished!! One little owl is still sleepy, not quite woken up yet! Thanks for the idea Donna! Actually this wee owl looks a little grumpy to be disturbed!!


  1. They look gorgeous, Sue! Hope to make it on weds night!

  2. Oh my, I do love this!! I adore the little sleepy owl, so me! You've done a fantastic job on this, Sue, congratulations! And the fabrics are just so right!

  3. More Owls! They certainly are gorgeous. Have you guys thought about changing your name to (Night Owls) instead of Gisborne Quilters it just seems much more appropriate with all of those owl activities that you have all been up to.
    Happy sewing ladies....