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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Christmas in July

Merry Midyear Christmas! We certainly outdid ourselves here, with the quilting and festive fare and decorations! Tania provided a beautiful festive table, and a trifle that was way too more-ish!! Thanks also to Santa Sue and Santa Tania for the lovely presents (scrumptious Christmas fabric fat 1/4s), and everybody for the yummy food.

The "Christmas UFOs" were finished - well almost, in my case! - and here are some of the pretty results. Marg's Xmas bear is dancing , all tangled up in his tree lights. Too cute! Then Sue finished a sweet wall hanging with her whimsical reindeer - love the expression on their faces! Margo finished her owl garland - turned out beautifully, Margo! and a few stitched tree ornaments from Sue. Some classy placemats from ?Helen (Sorry, not quite sure here!). 
And those owls! Just adorable, Sue!! 

The owls were front and centre again today - pushy little things! Rosie and Sue had been to an owl class at the Quilt show, and came home with Hamish1 and Hamish2. Very sweet, lucky Japanese owls. And Donna added "Hedwig", a snowy owl, to Sue's 'family'. Rosie also finished three Christmas owls, just gorgeous! There must be a lot of luck around, with all those owls!
 Merry Christmas, ladies!


  1. Aren't we a clever bunch!!! The place mats are Helen's. Thanks for putting the photos on the blog Donna. Love those Owls!!!

  2. Awesome job you girls! I am sorry that I missed it, but I look forward to more lively conversation and chatting this week! xxx Andrea