Our library

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy 2011!

With the month of January almost over (!), I thought a brief a post would be in order.
At the last meeting, five of us got together, and it appeared we all had a pretty good Christmas and New Year. I don't hold much with New Year's resolutions, but I plan to finish at least 3 UFOs this year!
Tania has started ordering a few books for our library, and we're all looking forward to the arrival of the books. Which reminds me that our library might not only consist of books, but also magazines, patterns, equipment, DVDs, and even online subscriptions! So, ladies, put your thinking 'bonnets' on ...
I was also thinking that perhaps we could have a fabric 'library' of sorts; if members wish to share some fabric, they could put it in the box, and other members could use it for a project. Not a scrap box, but maybe a minimum of 1 FQ. I'm sure we have a few FQ around we could put in the 'share box'.
Another idea I had (as you see, my brain was not really engaged in my studies...) was to establish a sister group, somewhere overseas. This would be a fun way of meeting new friends, swapping ideas, and maybe even holding swaps or challenges. Just a thought.
I very much look forward to our meetings this year, and seeing what everybody makes.