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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knitters and stitchers' night

 The cold weather seems to have kept a few of us away this week, but the rest of us had some fun knitting colourful things and working on our stitcheries.

Annette is making a very pretty and colourful blanket. We were all going "WOW!" when we saw the purple wool, it looks amazing.

I totally confused everybody when I showed them the European way of knitting, with the thread over the left hand.

Jenny, our friendly visitor from NZ, was working on a blanket in gorgeous turquoise colours. She was sewing the hexies together and is showing off Sue's owl mug and a new mug rug made by a friend. Halloween is coming!!
 Marina first worked some more on her quilt binding and then switched to a little Christmas stitchery.

 And I was stitching the "Scandinavian Rose", as usual. I'll be glad when this panel is finished, it's taken forever! Only ten to go...

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  1. Lovely to see you all!! Work in progress looks wonderful.