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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Foundation Piecing fun

Last night we learned something new! Tania had kindly offered to teach us foundation piecing, so we got together at Marg's place, armed with our sewing machines and little strips of fabric, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

Of course, we can't work on an empty stomach, so the first order of the night was dinner. The girls got fish and chips, whereas I had falafel, tabouli and hommus.
 Tania, explained some of the basics of foundation piecing to us rookies, and Marina had brought along some of her gorgeous little foundation pieced quilts. They were just mindboggling and beautiful! And beautifully quilted, too.

 Things got underway, and we all got right into the swing of things, with Tania keeping a benevolent eye on us and showing a saint's patience, explaining everything in triplicate and being an excellent teacher.
We hoped to get at least one little Log Cabin block done each, and were successful. Didn't realise how much thinking, sewing, excercise (getting up and down to press) was involved! It's good to be prepared for this kind of piecing, and Tania gave us lots of tips on how to make it all flow smoothly.
In the end, we got our lovely blocks together (and Susan's special block for her Elm Creek quilt), and voila! We are now foundation piecers.
Thank you, Tania, for teaching us, and Marg for having us over.


  1. We had a great night didn't we....don't have any other photos to add Donna...was busy working!!! Lol!! Was wonderful to catch up with everyone.

    1. I really enjoyed it! Lovely to see you again. The quilt you were working on looks very promising, can't wait to see it done. I think I'll finish my mini log cabin quilt once my studio is up and running.

  2. I too enjoyed the evening and I have now made 4 blocks and plan to make more. My challenge 36 blocks then the real fun begins playing with all the possible combinations...........