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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Challenges for 2016

Donna proposed a couple of challenges to her her groups. Just in case anyone else wants to join - here are the outlines -

1.     The Country Challenge
Pick a country from a bag (or Donna will give you a country), then make a quilt to represent that country. Anything goes, but no bigger than 1 x 1m in size.

     2.     The Sunset Quilt Challenge
Make a landscape quilt that incorporates a sunset. Again, anything goes. Size may range from Postcard size to whatever size you want.

Keep you quilting (e.g. countries) secret, however, you may ask advice from quilters not participating in the challenges. Unveiling end of July 2016.  Have fun!


  1. Thinking and planning happening here Donna...but I didn't get NZ :-( (Just joking!!)

    1. That's why it's called a challenge, lol! Can't make it too easy. At least the countries aren't too obscure. I hope.