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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quilt hopping...

 Our usual room still wasn't ready for us this week, so we met at Donna's place. Just the three of us, Tania, Marg and myself, but we had a fun night and time went by quickly.

Tania was working on a spooky quilt, Marg was finishing some hexies, and I was paper piecing a candle mat.

Marg brought her 'challenges'; she used the Accuquilt to cut tumbler blocks and put them together, creating these beautiful little "Blankets of Love" quilts. So pretty!

Below is my little effort, also using tumbler blocks, just don't look too closely, matching them up was tricky, and I'm not really a machine quilter. It was meant for my cat Pretzel, as a blanket, but frankly, the Pretzelator couldn't give a %^&*, so it'll just sit in the pile of bits and pieces!


  1. I think that you have done a great job Donna and Margs looks great too. Missed you girls Wednesday night....hopefully I'll make it next week.

  2. such lovely work girls and i can imagine what mischief you 3 got up to,lol.xx

  3. Lovely Marg and Donna, I missed not coming on Wednesday night too!! I'll be back!!

  4. Lovely work. I bet you had lots of fun together