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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Strip night

Woohoo! Well, it wasn't the bawdy sort of stripping, but the quilty one! Six of us gathered to sew a 1600 Strip quilt last night, with Amanda working on a round robin quilt, and Marg coming in to share a cuppa and see how things were progressing. And Helen's hubby brought Bella, the German Shepherd girl along for a lot of pats and attention. Adorable doggie!
Everybody had brought beautiful food along, chicken and salad, yummy chicken pasta, crunchy veg & dip, anitpasti, and zucchini slice. And wonderful chocolate mousse for afters. Everybody tucked in, essential sustenance before and during the hard work of strip quilting!

Sue had a stunning Bali Pop called Wildberry, sumptious colours. She was not far from finishing by the time we packed up. Can't wait to see this one finished!

Maureen taking a break and relaxing with a cuppa. Maureen had a lovely Bali Pop with warm autumn tones; should look fabulous..

Well now, somebody got all tangled up!

AH! A lovely smile from Annette, with her surprise jelly roll, in soft pastels and florals.

Tracee had a gorgeous selection of blues, from light to dark.

Helen had another spectacular Bali Pop, called Herb Garden. I was drooling....

Amanda was working on a Round Robin and  was sewing and pressing, sewing and pressing....

And yours truly, with my bundle of 'Stonehenge' strips.

And here we are, stripping away! Next week, we'll see the completed quilt tops.


  1. Looks wonderful Donna - my quilt top is finished and I have the fabric to border it! Looking forward to seeing the finished tops!

  2. That's great, Sue, can't wait to see it. I also finished mine and found the border and backing fabric.