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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last night, we celebrated Halloween and had bats, pumpkins, vampire teeth and witches to scare ourselves! And lollies to settle those nerves!! Sadly, nobody came trick-or-treating, we must have scared them off!
Once the brooms were parked, we had lots of fun and also unveiled some of the strip quilts we had started last week. And did they turn out special or what?! Check these out -

Sue's strip quilt using a "Wildberry" Bali Pop - how gorgeous is this?! The photo doesn't do the vibrant colours justice. And the purple border sets it off beautifully.

Annette with her delicate and pretty floral quilt. This would make a lovely baby quilt.

Look who's been wildly creative!! Tracee had been a bit worried about how the colours blocked, but this is just stunning!  She designed the birds herself, and the "DREAM" is made from cloud fabric.

Yours truly (sporting a witches hat), with the strippy quilt made from the 'Stonehenge' range - fast becoming a fave of mine! I found a nice, opal-coloured backing and used some of it for the 'blobs' on the front.

Tania shows off her artwork, from a class with Helen Godden that she and Sue participated in recently. The design is drawn on, then machine quilted, and then painted. It shimmers beautifully. Sue, you must upload yours too!

Sue, fetchingly attired in bats  and sporting the latest in dental work!

We had major trouble getting Tania to sit still enough to photograph her with her vampire fangs, she was laughing so much!

There were snakes and fruit lollies, and the wee pumpkin was spewing grubs...

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  1. I really enjoyed the night - was sooooo good to have a laugh and be a bit silly - well maybe more than a bit looking at the photos of us with the vampire teeth!! The strip quilts look amazing! We sure have some very very clever people in our group.