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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Winter fun

 It's always difficult to entice people out into the dark, cold winter night, even for a pleasurable activity such as quilting. But the four of us, Helen, Julie, Edwina and I braced the elements and had a lovely evening of quilting, stitching, knitting and friendship. And Julie's little furbaby, Bella, joined us too.
Julie showed us a couple of the quilts she had made recently. They were in muted colours but so beautiful, can't wait to see them finished. The colours went together so well.
Bella was happy to show off her mum's quilts too. She's a sweet little bundle of fluff.  Helen was knitting a scarf, using a very attractive pattern. Might have to try that one too, sometime.
Edwina was working on a new Sue Spargo Christmas quilt, learning new embellishing stitches. It'll be spectacular when it's done.
Julie was putting some colourful fabrics together for a new quilt, and I was working on Panel 11 (of 14) of my Scandinavian Rose quilt. I can see the light at the end of this tunnel!


  1. congrats for your lovely evening with friends and investing your energy in a very creative job of art


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