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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas dinner

Last night we met at the Vic Tavern in Gisborne to have our final meet up for the year....not everyone was available but we had a great evening
some serious conversation was going on here....
on the way to Margs house we stopped and looked at some decorated houses...

some house windows 

the same house...love the snow scene in the old TV...

Marg met Santa at the first house....

so did I and that cheeky elf on the bricks!!!

the reindeer were stabled for the night..

we met another Santa..

Hee!! Hee!!! This guy moved his arm just as Marg hugged him!! Made her jump!!
We had a great evening, no sewing but a great catch up!!
Roll on 2016.


  1. Look at you 2 cheeky buggers, is Marg rubbing his belly or picking his pockets

  2. Mm, one could have some fun with this! Just had a wicked idea.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas to you all