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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday happenings

Last night we had the pleasure of two new ladies, both knitters but who knows, they might turn to quilting now they know us!!
Margaret has finished her sewing bag - mostly handmade... loads of pockets for storing the necessities for sewing...

she has done a beautiful job...lovely buttons and embellishments.......

Something inside Marg???

Anette has dome heaps of work on the bed runner she is making from her daughters wedding dress....beautiful!

And Anette has been working on a bed runner for herself, she is one busy lady!! Love the colours here Anette!

And Miss Tracee got busy a couple of Sunday's ago when she had no power for the day - she made this beautiful hippy hippo from a RicRac pattern. Isn't she so cute?
We are very lucky to have such a clever talented group!

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  1. such talented ladies for sure,lots of wonderful projects there and Margs bag looks unreal,love it and how cute is Tracee's Hippo,well done ladies.xx