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Sunday, December 30, 2012

High Tea in style!

 Our Christmas breakup was at the beautiful Campaspe House in Woodend. This gracious old mansion has Edna Wallings-designed gardens and is a really nice place to celebrate the end of the sewing year! Thanks for finding this one, Tania!
 Some of the ladies arrive, we were all dressed very colourfully, adding a floral ambience to the place!
Now THIS is the life! I could have easily settled in for the afternoon at - and in - the pool.
 And here we all are! Pink champagne was served quicksmart, and everybody relaxed and had a good time. Merry Christmas Pauline, Tracee, Helen, Sue, Tania, Marg, Amanda, and Annette! Oh, and me, taking the picture (now who's the blog hog?).

 We were reliably informed that the custard brulees were "orgasmic". Well, near enough, they were indeed delicious!
 More sweet delights, and some savoury ones, and I must say the scones were the fluffiest I'd ever tasted!
Blondies and brownies, and berry chocolate mousses - mmmmm!

Will have to come back here next year, it was all very satisfying.


  1. yummy and what a beautiful place,happy new year.xx

  2. Your photos are amazing Donna and I am sorry for being sooooo slow to get mine up!