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Thursday, October 21, 2010

1st birthday!

We're celebrating our group's first birthday next week! Happy Birthday to us!!
To mark the occasion, we're heading to Vines (ex-Roombas) for a wee drinkie at
7pm next Wednesday evening. Hope you can all make it. We haven't decided whether to come back to the library room for quilting & stitching afterwards, depends how comfortable we get at Vines, and how straight our stitches are likely to be.....
Great to see how far the group has come in one year - so much talent, lots of fun, learning all the time, sharing good times (and sometimes not so good), and making friends. Just what a friendship group should be! I for one am very happy to spend my time with my crafty friends!

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  1. Me too, I enjoy Wednesdays enormously!! And I am learning things!!